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Who is Daniel J?

Welcome to the online store for Daniel J. Layton, YouTube's answer to Paul Hollywood. Only weedier. With less skill. And money.

With a mission statement to fix at least one of those, this is his online store. Here you can buy all manner of things to support Dan, his ridiculous baking show and anything else that entertains him enough to warrant a poster. He's a simple fellow, so that's quite broad.

How long will my order take?

Dan is running this store entirely himself. Foolish, some may say. Brave and exciting, Dan says. Think of the spreadsheets.

As a result, orders may take a little while to process as the store gets into gear.

Dan is aiming to get the first run of poster orders out for delivery by early May 2018. He greatly appreciates your patience, and will kiss each of the tubes before he mails them as a thank you. (International orders will take longer for delivery, but that's more down to miles than any flaw of Dan's.)

What about the Baking With Layton book?

Now, then. The big one. The reason the store exists in the first place. Let's get to it.

Dan is self-publishing his first cookbook, as a companion to the Baking With Layton series. This is a mad endeavour in many ways, as he has zero experience. But there's no time like the present and he sees it as a fun adventure for us all. (At least that's what he's going with, and he hopes you do too.)

The book is now available for pre-orders. The funds from these pre-orders are what will help to produce the book itself, so he encourages/pleads with you to get involved early.

The book is now in the design stage and now looks to be ready for shipping in late September 2018!

Do you ship internationally?

Too right we do! Shipping costs are added at the end of your transaction, before you confirm your order.

If I was going to listen to one Janet Jackson song, what should it be?

That's The Way Love Goes