Daniel J. Layton


Who is Daniel J?
Daniel J. Layton is an actor, singer, vlogger, author and wannabe pro-wrestler. But, like, actually. This is his store. But if you've made it here without knowing any of that, frankly, I'm astounded and thrilled.

Do you ship internationally?
Too right we do! Shipping costs are added at the end of your transaction, before you confirm your order - you can select your country there.

How long will my order take to deliver?
That depends on where you are. All orders are dispatched within 2 working days, UK orders usually arrive within a week. International orders can take 2-3 weeks. Please do allow for extra time during the Christmas period, to account for seasonal postal service strain (SPSS - not yet scientifically proven.)

There's a PROBLEM.
Uh oh. Drop us a line here and we'll sort it out! Remember to include your order number in the message.

Will you sign my order?
Orders from this store are unsigned, unless otherwise stated. I'd be happy - nay, ecstatic - to sign things for you at any of the events I go to throughout the year. (Or if you happen to see me in the street while carrying your stuff around with you. But what are the odds?)

Do you charge VAT?
VAT is included in all prices listed - our business name is Scratch That Records, and our VAT number is 284011624.

If I was going to listen to one Janet Jackson song, what should it be?
That's The Way Love Goes

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