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Baking With Layton: Also You! (Paperback)


Image of Baking With Layton: Also You! (Paperback)

Baking With Layton is a baking show that's not about baking. This Baking With Layton Book is a book that IS about baking. To be clear: Baking With Layton (Also You) is a baking book about a baking show that's not about baking that is about baking.

Make all your favourite cakes from the show - from Hulk Smash Cupcakes to the pavlova that international music star dodie decided would make an excellent headdress. PLUS! An exclusive interview with the Fratocrats, and Sammy Paul makes his case for the importance of baking as vigilante justice. No, actually.

(Orders shipped within 5 days - physical book shipped to the UK and Ireland; If you’re from elsewhere, I love you VERY much, your country is important to me, the eBook is just as good, blame customs and Brexit xoxo)